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Whoohoo is an international expert in recruiting and contracting engineers, specialists and managers. We’re changing the job market by looking at people’s personalities and individual needs, and helping candidates discover their potential and energy.


Our goal is to find the right person, at the right time and to match them with the right organization, resulting in success for both the company and the candidate. We have broad experience in many areas, including IT, business and finance, engineering and life sciences, to name a few. 

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We are part of Maandag® Group 

As an international recruitment and contracting company, Whoohoo is a part of Maandag® Group, with a branch network in Europe of circa 30 offices. Maandag® was founded in the Netherlands in 1989. We are one of the leaders in personnel management being ranked among the top 500 companies in the country. The Group employs around 4000 people in the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

since 1989

4000 people employed

top 500 companies in the Netherlands

30 offices in Europe

Working at Whoohoo

The upbeat name “Whoohoo” is not only a popular exclamation of joy and excitement, but also the way we work – fast and pragmatically. We communicate with our clients and candidates every step of the way. And most importantly, we always think positively!


At Whoohoo we believe that for our candidates, working means not only taking on responsibilities, but should also bring them joy and inspiration. In other words, through our projects we aim to recruit to the satisfaction of both candidates and clients.


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Just do it!

Do what you’re good at - that's Whoohoo. 

Working fast, personal contact and knowledge of the market are a matter of course for us. We rarely talk about it; we just demonstrate it in the way we collaborate with our clients and candidates and in the results we achieve. 


We believe in the power of the right match, because the right person in the right place simply performs better. They’re motivated and enjoy their job. 


Everyone wants that, right?


So, we always make sure there’s a spark. There’s no mystery about it – just keen observation and hard work.


Are you convinced of your own ambitions, but your dream job is not there?

Feel free to contact us and we will find the perfect match for you.